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Octocat Laptop Decal


This large octocat silhouette plays in the space of the beautiful canvas that is your laptop lid, creating a sense of depth. The matte black finish looks striking on aluminum. 
These are slightly too large for 11" Airs, but they fit the 15" MBP and just fit the 13" Air.  These do not fit the 12" MacBook.
Prep your surface
Give your laptop a quick wipe to ensure it's clean & dry
Rub Rub Rub
- Place the decal on a hard flat surface.
- Using a credit card, spatula, etc., firmly rub over the Wax Backing Paper to shift the decal onto the Transfer Tape.
Don't be gentle, put some gusto into it!
Let's Roll
- Start at one corner and slowly peel away the Backing  Paper  with a rolling action.
The decal will adhere to the Transfer Tape.
- If some bits of the decal want to stick to the Backing Paper, simply stop peeling, roll back a bit & rub the decal through the Backing Paper to make it re-stick to the Transfer Tape. Then resume slowly peeling.
Line it Up
- Hold the corners of the Transfer Tape keeping the sheet straight. The sticky part of the decal is exposed; if you let it fold on itself it'll stick together!
- Align the silhouette of the Apple logo on the decal (the Octocat's cheek) with the Apple logo on your laptop.
- Press down one edge of the decal / Tape first, to avoid wrinkling and bubbling, and continue firmly smoothing out the Tape all the way across
Strip it off
- Once the decal is applied you need to remove the Transfer Tape
- Starting at one corner, slowly roll the Tape back from the laptop.
- If any part of the decal stays stuck on the Tape, do the roll back, rub, re-roll as before
- How does it look? If there are any bubbles use a sharp pin or thumbtack to poke the bubble and smooth it out.