Place your order by December 18th for domestic delivery by Christmas (December 8th for international orders)

Education Event Support Bags


Order some GitHub collateral and swag to support your event. 

You may list GitHub as a sponsor by using the GitHub logo on any printed or online advertising:

Show us some photos from your event on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #GitHubSwag.

If you are interested in running the #MyOctocat drawing contest you'll just need an event hashtag. Contact us the week before the event with it so we know to watch for entries. At the event, provide pens and paper for participants to use to draw their best event-themed GitHub Octocat. Entries should be posted on Twitter to @GitHubEducation using the #MyOctocat and event hashtags. We'll pick the best one a few days after the event, and announce the winner on Twitter.

Education event support bags include:

- Git cheat sheets 
- GitHub Flow guides 
- GitHub-Flavored Markdown guides 
- GitHub for Robotics comic books 
- GitHub stickers 

Have a terrific event!